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'Diversity is being invited to the party;

Inclusion is being asked to dance' - Verna Myers

Recent research by leadership consultancy Development Dimensions International (DDI) has shown that “only 30% of women rate themselves in the top 10% of leaders, in comparison to 37% of men. At the senior level, 63% of men rate themselves as highly effective leaders compared to only 49% of women. 

Women need to do a better job of declaring themselves and becoming their own advocates—speaking and acting confidently and mentally promoting themselves to a future-focused role,”

   This is achieved through an 8-session coaching program that enables you to…

  • Identify, acknowledge and overthrow self-limiting beliefs

  • Get greater clarity around your leadership strengths

  • Learn how to effectively build on & use your strengths

  • Own your ambitions and embrace personal strategies to unlock your full potential

  • Find your authentic and assertive voice without sacrificing your femininity – lead with a soft front and strong back

  • Own and celebrate your femininity – show up as YOU and own your space


There is no more time for hedging. No more time for shrinking back. No more time for hiding your inner light. This is YOUR TIME to own your destiny, occupy your space and come into the fullness of all you were created to be!

I would love to offer you a complimentary session where we will unpack your key challenges and consider a strategy for you to achieve your goals!

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