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Meet Colleen

In my 29-year career in the fashion retail industry I found that I had unknowingly coached many women toward confidently stepping into new roles as they progressed in their careers. This led me to naturally transition into full time coaching as a second career, a calling that I have been preparing for – albeit almost inadvertently – for a long time.


On my journey, I encountered – and overcame – my own obstacles of lack of self-confidence, perfectionism and need for approval, and I also found that I was not alone in this!


I believe that we are shaped by our experiences and by the people we meet along the way. I am very cognizant of the importance of connection to God, others and to our planet.

Every connection made, no matter how fleeting or significant, contributes to who I am today.

This speaks directly to our uniquely African philosophy of Ubuntu – "I am because we are" – which is one of my highest values and one that I believe keeps me grounded in my purpose.

I offer to hold a safe and confidential space where together we will explore strengths and identify opportunities for growth in order to become unstuck and move toward a set of goals determined and set by you. Part of the coaching journey is learning to acknowledge, accept and appreciate all parts of oneself – even those parts that are not-so-pretty – in order to be fully whole. It is in those sometimes-uncomfortable places that we experience the most growth and discover our true worth. My place is not to offer advice but rather to ask questions, listen, challenge perspectives and support you in finding the answers that you hold inside of you.


‘We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are ’ - Anais Nin

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